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Bordered by Houston, Crosby Street, Sixth Avenue and Canal Street
Soho (“South of Houston”) was once an area zoned for artists and their studios (AIR means Artist in
Residence). They lived upstairs and their storefront galleries and studios were at ground level. No more.
The extreme revitalization of Soho has pushed most of the artists out. Now it’s about all things high-end:
retail shopping, high-end eateries, and high-end tourists. With stores like Prada, Chanel and Agnes B
shopping is the thing. Those galleries that have remained are expensive, and need to be just to keep up
with the high rents. Chic restaurants like Balthazar, Savoy and the Hampton Chutney Company populate
the area. Despite the exodus of artists, Soho still retains a spectacular European style, with old-world
architecture and cobblestone streets. It also boasts more cast iron balconies and fire escapes than most
European cities.



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