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Upper East Side

From East 59th Street north to East 96th Street, and Fifth Avenue east to the East River
The Upper East Side and The Upper West side are considered to be the two most residential neighbor
hoods in Manhattan. Very little commerce is transacted—only businesses that support the residents. The
Upper East Side has always been considered the most refined and culturally elegant area of New York City.
The area from Central Park’s Fifth Avenue to Lexington Avenue may have the most expensive real estate in
the country, if not the world. It is renowned for its pre-war, “white glove” co-ops, which, in recent years,
have seen prices up to the $45 million dollar range! The residential ambiance, along with art galleries,
high-end designer boutiques, renowned museums, coveted private schools and five-star restaurants, all
combine to put the Upper East Side in the international spotlight. But don’t panic—if you want to be part
of this community, you can! And you don’t have to wait to become the CEO of your company. The Upper
East Side is one of the widest geographical areas with many, many high-rise apartment buildings. There is
simply and literally more housing available here than in most areas of the City, and Econ 101 taught us
about “supply and demand.” The more affordable housing is located between Lexington Avenue and the
East River. The theory being that the further you get from Central Park, the cheaper it gets. Many entrylevel
professionals and young families buy or rent their first home between Third and York Avenues, an
area loaded with amenities. We would be remiss not to point out a small area called Carnegie Hill located
from 86th to 96th Streets from Fifth Avenue to Park Avenue. A truly small town located in a big city, it’s
charming, quiet, close to Central Park and filled with families, private schools and every imaginable
East 77th Street north to East 91st Street, from Lexington Avenue to the East River
A quintessential, small, neighborhood-within-a-neighborhood on the Upper East Side, Yorkville residents
like to keep it a well-guarded secret. Just slightly east of the beaten path, it offers tranquility and a great
mix of preand post-war apartment buildings, townhouses and old brownstones. In the “old days,” Yorkville
was home to many Irish, German and Hungarian immigrants, and you can still find some great ethnic
restaurants and food shops in the area. East End Avenue is almost a separate neighborhood within
Yorkville. It’s only 13 blocks long and is primarily residential. However, either on East End Avenue itself,
or just a few steps off, you can find every service you need. While East End Avenue is home to many
elegant buildings, the side streets offer affordable housing in converted walk-up brownstones. It’s also
home to Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s official residence, which sits right in the center of Carl Schurz Park
on the East River (which is not really a river, but an estuary….it’s tidal). The Park is actually built on top of
a section of the FDR (or East River) Drive. A beautiful promenade runs the length of the Park above the
river, offering a place to bike, jog and stroll. Summer days find the Park filled with sunbathers, and by
night the promenade is a great place for a quiet, romantic walk. Asphalt Green is at the northern tip of the
Park and houses a terrific sports facility with one of the best swimming pools in the City. One of the only
drawbacks is that Yorkville is a hike to the Lexington Avenue subway, and those who like being in the
middle of the action may find this place entirely too peaceful and refined.

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