Neighborhood Guide

Upper West Side

From West 59th Street north to West 96th Street, from Central Park West on the east to Riverside Drive
on the Hudson River
The Upper West Side is, along with the Upper East Side, one of the two most residential neighborhoods
in Manhattan. The look and feel changes about every 10 blocks. The West 60’s, the most recently
developed area, is slightly glitzy with beautiful new buildings built by Millennium Partners. Very chic
boutiques and restaurants can be found on every block. As you inch your way towards the West 80’s the
neighborhood takes on a more traditional feel. There are benches in the parkway in the middle of
Broadway, and stores such as Fairway (for all kinds of groceries), H & H Bagels and Zabar’s (for exotic
foods and kitchen supplies). By the time you get to the West 90’s it will feel as though you’ve turned
back the clock to the 1940’s—the majority of the buildings are exactly the same as they were 60 years
ago, and there is very little development in terms of megacomplexes or “superstores.” The West Side
affords you “true” Manhattan living. Every service and amenity and type of housing exists within this
area and the fun is finding all of them. It is home to turn-of-the century apartment buildings, rows of
brownstones on wide, tree-lined side streets, the heavily trafficked avenue called Broadway, family-run
stores and the extraordinary cultural icon known as Lincoln Center. The Upper West Side was
traditionally considered home to intellectuals, writers, musicians and artists and now houses as many
CEO’s as the East Side. It’s home to a diverse group of young and old alike.
From West 96th Street north to West 110th Street, and west from the Hudson River east to
Morningside Drive
With rents and purchasing prices still high in the lower regions of the Upper West Side, this area is
becoming more desirable by the moment. Apartment options vary from the classic pre-war doorman and
elevator buildings to brownstones that line the side streets. You can get a little more for your money in this
area. It is attracting more high-end retail shops and great specialty restaurants. The local residents who
have lived in the area worry it will lose its flavor and color. It is a family neighborhood where asking your
neighbor for a cup of sugar is still the norm. And because it does not attract a ton of transients during the
day, most people begin to recognize each other as they walk down the street. The habitants of this
neighborhood are a wonderful mix of artists, bankers, musicians, lawyers and political activists who prefer
the diverse mix of cultures found here.

Upper West Side Listings

Size Starting from Available Avg. $/Ft2 DOM
Studio $259.0K 72 $1,165 111
1 BR $348.9K 289 $1,513 136
2 BR $399.0K 330 $1,991 183
3 BR $775.0K 196 $2,227 142


Avg. Price/SqFt.

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