Neighborhood Guide

West Village

loft spaces, this may be a great place for you.
From Canal Street north to 14th Street, and the Hudson River on the west to the Bowery on the east
For the better part of the century this has been a popular place for young and old alike. Many streets are
cobblestone and lined with trees. There are brownstone and brick townhouses which date back 200
years (if not more). The streets are not laid out in a grid, as is most of the City. As a result, even natives
sometime need a map in this part of the world. Many famous writers and original thinkers have lived
and worked in this area. There are many fascinating local spots -- from the White Horse Tavern on
Hudson Street, to the speakeasys which had been housed in any number of homes along Bank or
Bethune Streets. There is almost no zoning for “high-rises” in this area and therefore it’s still dominated
by small brownstone homes (many of which are single family dwellings) as well as small stores that
have been in Greenwich Village families for decades (maybe centuries). All this comes at a price. The
rent and sale prices are some of the highest in the City. The West Village is considered quieter than the
Central Village which houses New York University, Washington Square and Bleecker Street. There isn’t
much of a “night life” in the West Village, however the Central Village is home to many of the City’s
famous music bars (the Blue Note, The Bottom Line and Marie’s Crisis) as well as some of the greatest
Off-Broadway theaters (Minetta Lane and the Lucille Lortel) and hundreds of restaurants and
novelty shops.

Size Starting from Available Avg. $/Ft2 DOM
Studio $429.0K 27 $1,729 137
1 BR $575.0K 63 $1,788 112
2 BR $745.0K 44 $2,094 89
3 BR $1.80M 25 $2,461 135


Avg. Price/SqFt.

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